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Only under such a combination of conditions will the brain give the necessary commands that trigger a variety of body systems, including the reproductive system. Sexual desire or libido, in combination with irritating factors (mechanical action, video or audio stimulation), accutane impulses in certain areas that propagate further through the body, causing a state of arousal. The heart begins to beat faster, the blood rushes to the "right" areas, breathing becomes frequent and shallow, the pressure rises. It is engaged in the "delivery" of impulses to the spinal cord located in the spinal column.

With prolonged stimulation, arousal reaches an extreme point and an accutane occurs, which in men consists of two stages: with the passage of semen through the urethra; with contraction of smooth muscles and prostate, which ensures the release of ejaculate.

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On average, these two phases last from 6 to 10 seconds. After that, men are not capable of a new sexual intercourse for a certain period of time, which, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism, is up to several hours.

11th Apr 2021

In addition, erectile dysfunction that occurs in men is divided into

Any disturbance in the built-up chain of the body that converts the signal from the brain into a state of erection of the penis makes intercourse difficult or impossible. This condition is called erectile dysfunction (impotence).

21th Apr 2021

But any recurring symptoms below should be a wake-up call

As medical statistics show, in 90% of cases, timely diagnosis of the accutane of the problem and adequate treatment can restore the harmony of sexual life.

28th Apr 2021

Lack of morning erections

It can differ in the degree of severity, mechanism, accutane of occurrence, but in any case it gives the man, and his partner, a lot of unpleasant moments. It is important to understand that one-time fiasco in sexual life happens to absolutely everyone, but if an increase in their regularity or aggravation of problems is noticed, it is necessary to visit a urologist for examination.

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Lack of desire for intercourse or masturbation. The inability to bring the penis into an erection state by any stimulation. Sluggish filling of the penis that makes insertion difficult or impossible. A significant decrease in the period during which frictions were performed (reciprocating movements of the penis in the vagina).